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Graduated in law at Bilkent University in Ankara (Turkey) I am an Avukat (Turkish lawyer in Italy) enrolled in the Ankara Bar Association (Turkey) and in the Chamber of Commerce of Milan in the Register of Experts -Translators for the Turkish language.
I also achieved an LL. M. in industrial law organized by the University of Turin jointly with WIPO and the International Training Center of ILO.

I am vice-president of the Italian-Turkish Association (ITA) and representative in Italy of the International Trade Association of Ankara, as well as legal counsel of the council of ITA itself. I am registered to the list of trusted lawyers of the Turkish Consulate of Milan and its Commercial Office.

I was elected as a arbitrator member of the Italian Foreign Trade Association (AICE) for the five-year period 2020-2024 by resolution of the Ordinary Assembly of 26 November 2019.

I worked in primary law firms both in Turkey (Sasa & Sasa and Kırbaç & Kırbaç) and in Italy (Studio Legale Franzosi & Associati, Studio Legale Sanzo & Associati).

I provide legal advice and assistance in the field of commercial and immigration law, in particular to Turkish companies wanting to invest in Italy and vice versa.


As a Turkish lawyer in Italy I deal primarily with Turkish Commercial Law (in particular sales of goods, procurement contracts, contracts of service) and corporate law. Therefore, I provide legal advice to Italian clients who have relations with Turkey, such as consultancy and assistance with out-of-court matters, as well as legal representation before any Turkish court, in the case of litigation. Thanks to a dense network of institutional and professional relationships consolidated over the years, I give advice and aid to companies and individuals in Italy who intend to invest on the Turkish territory.

I take care of the Turkish Desk of the studio in which I assist Turkish entrepreneurs willing to enter the Italian market or already present in it, also offering legal assistance to them. I deal with questions concerning the drafting of contracts, company law, immigration law and international commercial law. In addition, I follow issues related to credit recovery. I provide my colleagues of the studio advise on the identification, interpretation and application of Turkish commercial law, where applicable to the handled cases.

For Turkish clients in Italy I also carry out an aiding activity in linguistic, legal and cultural understanding of the procedures promoted and of the acts prepared by the Firm or received from institutions and counterparts.

Lastly, I deal with consultancy regarding Immigration Law, Work and Residence Permits, as well as company incorporations.

Through the release of special proxies, my Turkish Clients are allowed to duly put in place legal acts even without being personally present on the territory.


I consider myself a very determined person in studying the new cases and in the exploration of fields of law unrelated to my cultural and legal training.

This characteristic of mine is reflected in an intense combativeness in defence of the Client and for the protection of his rights; in particular, dealing mainly with Turkish clients, my compatriots, I fight to guarantee them a fair legal treatment, free of discriminations and prejudices.

I believe that nothing is impossible, and I devote myself, with the utmost effort, to find solutions that allow the overcoming of barriers and a positive result for the Client.



Avukat Özgün Altop Turkish Lawyer in Italy

I believe that nothing is impossible, and I devote myself, with the utmost effort, to find solutions that allow the overcoming of barriers and a positive result for the Client.

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Avukat Özgün Altop is a Turkish lawyer in Italy specialized in relations between Italy and Turkey

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