The human relationship with the Clients

and an attentive listening to their expectations

are at the centre of our thoughts,

especially in such cases where differences and distance

can generate distrust and complications.

Our team of lawyers in Italy and Turkey

Massimiliano Pollavini

Massimiliano Pollavini

Lawyer in Milan
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Özgün Altop

Özgün Altop

Avukat (Turkish Lawyer in Italy)
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Fabrizio Valenzi

Fabrizio Valenzi

Supreme Court Lawyer in Rome
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An international vocation

With a unique know-how about relations between Italy and Turkey

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Law firm Italy Turkey Pollavini Altop

“We are powered by an energetic international and multicultural spirit that eases the contact with clients and the legal, commercial and cultural interchange”.

The presence of an avukat (lawyer in Turkish) nel Team
in the team has enabled us to create and consolidate,
thanks to a dense network of
institutional and professional relationships,
what we present as an

Ideal bridge between Italy and Turkey”:

a direct path between the two countries,
already close in so many ways.