Commercial contracts and international contracts

We assist our Clients, both Italian and foreign, in the negotiation, signing, editing and termination of commercial contracts under the Italian law, as well as international contracts in which at least one of the contractors is a foreign or the agreement is ruled by foreign law or international conventions and therefore critical issues comes out, also in terms of interpretation, applicable law and jurisdiction.

The most handled commercial contracts are those of sale, exchange, supply, distribution, procurement and the contracts of service.

Contrattualistica Studio Legale Pollavini

In particular

Thanks to the simultaneous presence of two lawyers competent in their respective national law (Italian and Turkish), we have a particular Italian-Turkish contractual know-how that allows us, in the cases of Italian and Turkish counterparts, to draw up documents and acts without any linguistic, legal and interpretive difference. In addition, we provide a qualified consultancy in the following phase of execution of the contracts.
For international contracts involving other nations, European or non-European, the registration at the International Bar Association (IBA), guarantees a continuous interaction with experienced colleagues of each individual foreign national right.

We also follow our clients in the judicial proceedings or arbitration.

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